Presentations from our monthly meetings...

Cyber Security - The Risk is Real & Growing
October, 2020
Presented by: Tony Pietrocola, president, Agile 1
The steering committee for the Lake County Safety Council presented the October virtual/webinar program --- Cyber Security - The Risk is Real & Growing --- with keynote speaker Tony Pietrocola, president, Agile 1. The webinar provided important instruction and review for employers and employees on how to "Go on the Offensive to Secure Online Business, Shopping and Banking with Mobile Devices." Pietrocola, as president of Agile 1, leads the company as an intelligence-driven CyberSOC protecting critical network infrastructures from cyber threats. Agile 1's CyberSOC technology is built on a proprietary Machine Learning engine which analyzes end-point security data in real time allowing the firm to detect and respond to threats 24X7, before a breach proliferates. Among other things, meeting attendees learned how to manage their cyber risk and reduce their digital footprint. They learned 10 ways to become a hard target and became familiar with the Digitization of business. Passcode: s78FLf+8
Blood Borne Pathogens - Safety & Protection
September, 2020
Presented by: Sarahita Paige-Lee, Lake Health
Video - Make a PACT, Know How To Act. Course teaching you how to stay safe when contacting another persons blood and how to reduce the risk of blood borne pathogens in the workplace.
Using Apps and Upgrading Technology to Drive Safety
June, 2020
Presented by: Scott Cole
This presenation showcases some of the latest in safety smartphon software/apps.
Part 3 of 3 - Modernizing Your Safety Training - Trends, Facts and How To's
April, 2020
Presented by: Tony DeAscentis, CEO & Co-Founder, Ving LLC
Are you ready for the post-pandemic? Managing a returning workforce. Social distancing. New Regulations. How will your business adapt? Your company's actions to date and over the next 30 to 90 days will define your post-pandemic impact readiness. Solutions that are actionable, timely, and relevant are needed adapt to the new normal. Ensure you have used this time effectively and planned for impacts that may confront your businesses, your employees.
Part 2 of 3 - To Successfully Train; Baby Boomers And Gen X’rs Need To Clearly Understand Their Point Of View
February, 2020
Presented by: Tony DeAscentis, CEO/Co Founder Ving
What is generational knowledge transfer? Benefits of bi-directional mentoring style approach. Success depends on how well you understand the Millennial generation. What Millennials are actually looking for. Find Millennials who are ready to be trained and learn from other generations
Part 1 of 3 - Safety Technology In The Workplace 101
January, 2020
Presented by: Tony DeAscentis, CEO & Co-Founder, Ving LLC
Presentation about new safety technology. Covering: Idea / experience exchange among peers; Quick look at simple to complex tech / get your thoughts in motion; Explore a series of tech products (there are many like them); Walk away with a plan on how to explore and try new tech
Safety For Senior Workers
November, 2019
Presented by: Colleen M. Bolha, CSP, CHST
Explore potential safety risk factors associated with the aging workforce. Help employers get a better understanding of physical and psychological changes that occur as workers age. Provide information to assist employers to adapt for safety and health issues pertaining to the aging workforce. Keep experienced workers safe and productive!
Drugs and Alcohol In The Workplace
September, 2019
Presented by: Walter Vieweg, DO, DPM, MA
Presentation that covers the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and how it effects the work environment, employees, insurance, etc.
Prolonged Sitting: The Sitting Disease
August, 2019
Presented by: Audrey Hemlinger, BWC Ergonomist, Garfield Heights Service Office
How your chair is killing you and why the gym wont save you...Sitting is the NEW Smoking
CCW Laws And Safety
July, 2019
Presented by: Lake County Assistant Prosecutor Michael DeLeone, Corporal Robert Harps, Deputy Christopher Cichon
Presentation covers the concealed carry rules and laws for Ohio.
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
Lake County Emergency Management Agency
May, 2019
Presented by: Joseph Busher EMA Director; Joseph Hum EMA Deputy Director; Mark Leisure LEPC HazMat Technician
What is the Lake County Emergency Management Agency and what they provide to you. The Lake County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) will protect Lake County communities by coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve the capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters.
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
Slips Trips and Falls: Walking-Working Surfaces
May, 2019
Presented by: Rich Gaul Northeast Regional Safety Technical Advisor for the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
What well cover: Slip Trip and Fall Data, Definitions, Causes and common examples, OSHAs Walking Working Surfaces, and Prevention
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
Behavior Based Safety: The answer to your safety culture or a load of BBS?
May, 2019
Presented by: Jon Birkes, MS, CSP; Lake County Safety Council
Todays Takeaways: Understand the psychology behind Behavior Based Safety (BBS) programs. Determine if your company is ready for BBS. Avoid common mistakes made with BBS. Identify/Develop a BBS program that works for your team.
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
OSHA Recordkeeping Training
May, 2019
Presented by: Scott Cole, SMS, CSP
Agenda: Review of Recordkeeping Forms, Presentation and Review, Incident Analysis and Questions and Answers
NFPA 70E 2018 - Key Elements and Updates
October, 2018
Presented by: Andrew Johnson - Sotaris, LLP
NFPA 70E Arc Flash and Shock Hazards ... Qualified Persons who are they? Responsibilities of a workplace. NFPA 70E arose from the need to address the electrical safety of employees when they are interacting with electrical equipment in a manner other than under normal operation. OSHA looks to NFPA 70E to fill out the performance based requirements included in their standards.
Before-During-After: An Effective Return To Work Program
September, 2018
Presented by: Kimberly Wickert, Director Yorks Right Return Solutions, VocWorks
Why return to work programs? Four million workplace injuries/1.12M of those injuries result in lost days. A well structured program can reduce disability costs 20% - 40%.
Medical & Training for First Responders
July, 2018
Presented by: Todd Ungar, Fire Chief, Willoughby Fire Department
A presentation describing what makes a first responder and how they work.
Young Worker Safety
March, 2018
Presented by: Henkel Adhesive Technology: Jon Birkes, MS, CSP and Tobin Hawes, Regional SHE Manager
How to prevent work place accidents for New or Young workers.
Hazard Communication Standard - OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200
January, 2018
Presented by: Kristy Milo, Corporate Health & Safety Program Manager, Lubrizol-Wickliffe (and) Wally Deja, Safety Coordinator, Lubrizol-Painesville
More than 30 million workers are potentially exposed to one or more chemical hazards on a daily basis. Exposure to hazardous chemicals is one of the most serious threats facing American workers today. There are an estimated 650,000 existing hazardous chemical products and hundreds of new ones being introduced annually.
How To Spot The Naughty From The Nice W.C. Claimant:
December, 2017
Presented by: Michael J. Bertsch, Esq., Nicola, Gudbranson& Cooper, LLC
How to spot New Hire Claimant, Problem Employee / Multiple Claimant, No or Late Reporting of Incident, No Witnesses When There Should Be, Lawyer Early On and Recent Discipline.
Slip trip and fall (STF) prevention, A scientific approach
November, 2017
Presented by: Adam Thomas, CXLT, ARM, AINS, CHCM, Senior Risk Engineering Consultant, Zurich Risk Engineering
This presentation is designed to provide: An understanding of the importance of STF assessments; An overview on how to utilize the Zurich 10-point STF assessment program; Insight on the major risk factors that cause or contribute to STF accidents; and An understanding of the value tribometry provides to the STF assessment process
OSHA Update Oct. 2017
October, 2017
Presented by: Julie A. Weis, Compliance Assistance Specialist, Cleveland OSHA Office
OSHAs Continuing Mission: More than 4,000 Americans die from workplace injuries every year. Perhaps as many as 50,000 workers die from illnesses in which workplace exposures were a contributing factor. More than 3 million workers suffer a serious non fatal injury or illness annually.
Machine Shop Safety Hazards
September, 2017
Presented by: Scott Turner, Ohio BWC, Industrial Safety Consultant Specialist
Comprehensive overview of machine shop safety hazards.
Managements Role in Working with the Five Generations
August, 2017
Presented by: Amy Shannon, President, Pinnacle Leadership Solutions
Managements Role in Managing Generations. Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation 2020
Naloxone in the Workplace
August, 2017
Presented by: Dawn Cole, Lake County General Health District
Discussion Topics: What are opioids? What is Naloxone? The Opioid Epidemic. Naloxone in the Workplace. Project DAWN.
Cell Phone & Business Safety
July, 2017
Presented by: DriveTeam
How Do We Become Better Drivers? Enhance Driver Knowledge, Increase Driving Skill, Professional Decision Making
Accidents Happen Or Do They?
June, 2017
Presented by: Mike Bertsch, Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper, LLC
Spotting accidents before they happen
Mechanical Power Press Accidents
May, 2017
Presented by: Scott Turner BWC
Knowing What to Do? or Knowing What to do!
Domestic Violence Bystander Intervention Training
March, 2017
Presented by: Sarah Froimson, MPH, Families at Risk and Shelter Manager and Mae Bennett, MSSA, LSW, Family Violence Services Coordinator
Family Violence Services: Community based domestic violence services - Comprehensive case management and advocacy; Utilizing the Empowerment Model & Trauma Informed Care Approach
Ergonomics and the Aging Workforce: Ergonomics to Retain and Manage Your Aging Workforce
February, 2017
Presented by: Diana Schwerha, PhD, Russ College of Engineering and Technology, Ohio University
Ergonomics and the Aging Workforce...Demographics, Continuum of Worker Abilities, Knowledge Transfer and Next Steps
JHAs and More
January, 2017
Presented by: Scott D. Cole, CSP, LEED GA
JHA, JSA, AHA, STA, PTP, etc. ... Why is it Important?
HR and Safety They are NOT the Same Thing
January, 2017
Presented by: Rose Ann Kay, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP, Humanics, LLC
Role of Human Resources Why HR ≠ Safety How HR & Safety Can Partner Together
Legionnaires in Eastlake
November, 2016
Presented by: Dan Lark
What is Legionnaires disease? How do you get it? Risk factors? ... and more.
Combustion Equipment Safety
October, 2016
Presented by: Bryan Baesel P.E., Honeywell Combustion Safety
How we can help, combustion safety services related to Testing & Inspections, Engineering Services, Customized Training, Gas Hazards Management and Field Service and Combustion Culture - People, Policy & Equipment.
June, 2016
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway MD MS MPH FACOEM, Medical Director Lake County General Health District, Occupational and Preventive Medicine, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Provide an overview of the physiology of and risk factors for addiction, especially for the teenager. Provide detailed information about the opiate epidemic and local community response. Jump into legalization of marijuana: the medical and regulatory consequences.
Indoor Air Quality, Basic Management for Healthy Office Environments
June, 2016
Presented by: Peter A Shelling, CSP CIEC
Why is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) a problem now? And what can be done about it.
I Want A New Drug!
June, 2016
Presented by: Gayle Luker, Safety Consultant Specialist, Ohio BWC, Division of Safety & Hygiene
OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping and workers compensation are independent of each other! They are separate systems. Understand how they work.
OSHA Update
June, 2016
Presented by: STEVEN BROWNING (STEVE), Compliance Safety and Health Officer, Occupational Safety and Health Administration
An update of OSHA standards, practices and violations
WELD - 4 Phase Mentoring Program
May, 2016
Presented by: Hugh Hayes, Lincoln Electric
100% of all new employees are to have been partnered with a WELD representative and complete the 4-phase WELD mentoring program within 50 days of hire.
Critical Role Supervisors Play in Safety
May, 2016
Presented by: Vanessa Pellegrino, MS
What are Supervisors' Responsibilities? You, the Supervisor, are the Organization. Setting the Example. Holding Employees Accountable.
Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Update
May, 2016
Presented by: John Wilton, Regional Business Consultant
Recent rate changes; The three elements of A Billion Back; The reasons for switching to prospective billing; The differences with prospective billing and what they mean to you; Significant dates and deadlines.
Confined Spaces and Permit Required Confined Spaces
May, 2016
Presented by: Darryl J. Schumacher, Partner, Sotaris, Your Workplace Safety Partner
What is a Confined Space? And how do you prepare for it.
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
Lake County Safety Expo - What Keeps You Up at Night?
May, 2016
Presented by: Bob Bradley, 30 year Occupational Health and Safety Professional and Tobin Hawes, 27 years in manufacturing
OSHA Visit, Permitting, Contractor Safety, Recordkeeping, Ladders, Safety Committee, Industrial Hygiene, Case Management, Incident Investigation, Chemical Spill, OSHA National Emphasis Programs, Safety Initiatives, recognition, Safety Training
Strategic Role of HR in the Future
May, 2016
Presented by: Amy B. Shannon, President, Pinnacle Leadership Solutions, LLC
Forces Shaping our Future. New Behaviors - shaped by social media and the web. Technologies - shift to the cloud, collaborative technologies, big data, the internet of things. The Millennial Workforce - new attitudes, expectations, and ways of working. Mobility - work anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Globalization - no boundaries.
What Everyone Should Know About GHS (Globally Harmonized System)
January, 2016
Presented by: Douglas Dunbar, CSP, CIH
What is GHS? GHS as Global Standard. GHS in the United States. Product Manufacturers and GHS. SDS Requirements. Requirements: Packaging, Labeling & Warnings. GHS in the Workplace. Resources. Questions
OSHA Inspections
January, 2016
Presented by: Scott D. Cole, LEED GA, COSS, CSP
When Can I Expect an OSHA Inspection? How Can I Prepare for an OSHA Inspection? How Should I Handle an OSHA Inspection? How Do I Close an OSHA Inspection? 2016 OSHA Citation Structure.
Occupational Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) Making Hearing Health a Workplace Wellness Priority.
January, 2016
Presented by: Lake Health - Walter Vieweg, DO, D.PM., M.A., Occupational Physician Certified NRCME, MRO, Civil Surgeon, CPS-A Family Physician-Board Certified, Audiologist, Podiatrist and an Aviation Medical Examiner
Indepth look at hearing, how it works, hearing loss and what you can to protect it.
Developing Tactical and Strategic EHS Plans for Short and Long-Term Success.
October, 2015
Presented by: Raymond A Kovacs, Global EHS Leader
Where wellness meets the road ... Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce
June, 2015
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway MD MS MPH, Medical Director, Occupational Services, Ambulatory Centers and Employee Health, Lake Health
Explain the history behind our current nutritional recommendations and the medical consequences. Summarize the current knowledge on nutrition and how it has impacted health and fitness and costs. Add a quickie on cholesterol and exercise.
Lake County Safety Council Nutrition and Fitnes: Calories In ... Calories Out
March, 2015
Presented by: Nancy V Rodway MD MPH, Chris Brill-Packard MA CHES
Provide simple steps to improve metabolic fitness and physical fitness; Explain the history behind our current nutritional recommendations and the physiologic consequences; Summarize the current knowledge on nutrition and how it has impacted health and fitness and costs; Add a quickie on cholesterol
Lake County Safety Council Wellness Works Results Session January 2015
February, 2015
Wellness issues, nutrient and diet.
Where Wellness Meets the Road ... Lake County Safety Council Wellness Program
February, 2015
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway MD MPH; Andrew Stemar MD; Chris Brill-Packard MA CHES
Learn about nutrient and a health diet.
Lake County Safety Council - Wellness Program
February, 2015
Pre-Health screening; Wellness Topic Presentations - Jan, Feb, March and April; Post health screening - May 2015 Lake County Safety Expo.; Participants will receive a wellness workbook and have access to a wellness website for one year
Electrical Safety Awareness in the Workplace
December, 2014
Presented by: Thomas K. Riley CSP
Over 30,000 non-fatal electrical shock accidents occur each year. Over 600 people die from electrocution each year. Electrocution remains the fourth (4th) highest cause of industrial fatalities. Most injuries and deaths could be avoided. See how.
Compressed Gas & Equipment Safety Seminar
December, 2014
Presented by: Dave Marquard, founder & owner of Superflash Compressed Gas Equipment
Which Gas is the Most Hazardous in the Work Place? Propane, Natural Gas, Oxygen, Air or Acetylene. This presentation covers what you need to know about compressed gases in the workplace.
Benchmarking Your Safety Culture
October, 2014
Presented by: Rich Gaul, Technical Advisor, Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, Division of Safety and Hygiene
"Management commitment to safety is the major controlling influence in obtaining success." An in-depth look at management's commitment to safety and how it effects the workplace culture of safety policies.
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
Machine Guarding
June, 2014
Presented by: cott E. Turner, Industrial Safety Consultant Specialist, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Crushed hands and arms, severed fingers, blindness - the list of possible machinery-related injuries is as long as it is horrifying. Safeguards are essential for protecting workers from needless and preventable injuries. Where the operation of a machine can injure the operator or other workers, the hazard must be controlled or eliminated.
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
OSHA Injury/Illness Recording/Reporting
June, 2014
Presented by: Scott E. Turner, Industrial Safety Consultant Specialist, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
OSHA Standard-1904 - Are all employers required to keep/maintain these injury and illness forms? (Per 1904)
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
Drug Abuse in the Workplace
June, 2014
Presented by: Sgt. Chris Begley, Lake County Narcotics Agency
Rx Drugs, Heroin, Methamphetamine. Indicators of Drug Misuse. On-Site Drug Abuse. First Time Offenders Program.
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
Hazard Communication
June, 2014
Presented by: Darryl J. Schumacher, Partner; Sotaris LLP
Review Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) Requirements. Discuss how the HCS will be impacted with the adoption of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). Cover what you need to do to make your HAZCOM program compliant with the new GHS requirements. Review new Label Elements, Hazard Statements & Pictogram and the new SDS format.
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
OSHA Recording and Reporting Advanced
June, 2014
Presented by: Scott E. Turner, Industrial Safety Consultant Specialist, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Special Cases ... Who is Required to Keep Logs? When to Log? Penalities? Requirements
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
"I want a new drug"
May, 2014
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway, MD MS MPH
Describe the opiate epidemic. Provide an update to common drugs of abuse in and out of the workplace. Describe new drugs on the street and methods of marketing. Review occupational drug screening as it applies to commonly abused drugs.
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
Drugs Don't Work Here!
May, 2014
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway, MD MS MPH
Review workplace drug risk. Understand signs of addiction in the workplace. Review workplace drug-free safety programs. Clarify the legalities and rights of the addicted worker. Provide information regarding referring for addiction treatment.
Safety Program Design
April, 2014
Presented by: Scott D. Cole, CSP
How to design a working safety program including program format, analyze, key elements, and responsibilities.
Safety Training Companies are Required to Have
March, 2014
Presented by: Safety Compliance Associates, LLC
Identify the type of training is required for employee(s). Identify the training requirements for OSHA 2013 Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards.
Infectious Diseases in Industry
November, 2013
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway MD MS MPH, Medical Director, Occupational Services, Ambulatory Centers and Employee Health, Lake Health
Highlight select common communicable diseases in the workplace; Describe the risk of contagion of those diseases and the route of spread; Consider methods to limit risk of transmission of those disease
The Many Struggles Of Getting Employees Back To Work
November, 2013
Presented by: Sharon Wiley, The Lubrizol Corporation
Let's take a look at obstacles in returning employees to work and what we can do to try to overcome them.
rogressive Safety Discipline and Enforcement
November, 2013
Presented by: Megan Gettan
How to accomplish Section 5(a)(1) of the OSH Act requires the employer to furnish each employee with employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm.
The Cost of Safety
November, 2013
Presented by: Scott D. Cole, CSP
Direct versus Indirect Safety Expenses; Calculating Incident Costs; Budgeting for Safety; Average Cost of Safety
Updates: DOT Physicals and Compliance
November, 2013
Presented by: Pam Matheny, Transportation Department, Public Utilities Commission State of Ohio
What's New? Overview of the Commercial Motor Carrier Industry and FMCSA Medical Programs. National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Medical Exemptions and Variances. OSA. Online Tools.
Distracted Driver - National Safety Council
April, 2013
Presented by: Luke George in conjunction with National Safety Council
Cell Phone Use & Driving. Impact on Employee Safety, Productivity and Employer Liability.
Active Shooter - Workplace Violence
March, 2013
Presented by: Lt. Troy Duncan, Chardon Police Department Executive Lieutenant
What is workplace violence? Prevention. How to prepare for it. Plan for it. Practice. Train.
GHS - The Global Harmonization System of Classification and Labeling
February, 2013
Presented by: Scott D. Cole, COSS, CSP, Corporate Safety and Quality Assurance Manager, The Albert M. Higley Company
UN-developed system for chemical classification and hazard communication through harmonized provisions. The goal is to develop an international system that has compatible labeling, material safety data sheets, and other information based on resulting classifications.
Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse in Lake County
February, 2013
Presented by: Sgt. Chris Begley, Lake County Narcotics Agency Pharmaceutical Drug Diversion Unit
A Partnership In The Community Between The Citizens, Physicians, Pharmacies and Law Enforcement
Occupational - Pas de Deux
November, 2012
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway MD MS MPH, Medical Director Occupational Services, Lake Health, Medical Director LCGHD
The aging workforce; Threats in the environment
The Bane of Back Pain
August, 2012
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway MD MS MPH, Lake Health, Medical Director, Occupational Services, Ambulatory Centers and Employee Health
Understand the anatomy of back pain, prevention, treatment, predicting the problem and recommendations for employers
Destination: Excellence - Transitional Work Grants
August, 2012
Presented by: Thomas Gallagher, Bureau of Workers Compensation
Transitional Work Grant Basics - Program Information, Grant Process, Where To Find Assistance
BWC Safety Grants Program
August, 2012
Presented by: Dr. Paul Hanahan, HealthCare for Business & Jennifer Lingafelter, BWC
Program Information, Moratorium Items, Wholesale/Retail Trade Grants
Tips for a Successful Investigation (Compliance Review)
July, 2012
Presented by: Neil Hedrick, HazMat Specialist II, PUCO, Transportation Department
Does this apply to me? Compliance Issues & Update
OSHA Update - April 12, 2012
April, 2012
Presented by: Howie Eberts, Area Director, OSHA, Cleveland Area Office
Why work safely and the role of OSHA including current statistics, rules, regulations and requirements.
OSHA Record-keeping Training
March, 2012
Presented by: Scott Cole, COSS, CSP, Pinnacle Construction
Review of Record-keeping Forms: OSHA Form 300 - Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses, OSHA Form 301 - Injury and Illness Incident Report, OSHA Form 300A - Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses, PERRP Forms - 300P, 301P, 300AP; Presentation and Review; Incident Analysis; Questions and Answers
BWC Update ... Destination: Excellence
March, 2012
What is Destination: Excellence? Its a customizable BWC rating plan consisting of seven new and existing program options. Helps employers build a risk-management plan focused on: Policy maintenance; Prevention; Return to work.
LEPC (Lake Emergency Planning Committee) Highlights, EHS Filings & Safety Education
March, 2012
Presented by: Kristy Milo, Health & Safety Engineer, Lubrizol Corp.
Overview of LEPC; Requirements for submittal of housing chemicals above threshold limits Hazard release notifications; HIT Team; EMA Integration; LEPC education and Wally the Wise Turtle
Compressed Gas Safety & Flashback Arresters
March, 2012
Presented by: David Marquard, SuperFlash
Every time your employees use oxyacetylene or oxy-fuel gas equipment, if safety guidelines are not followed, it would be the same as handling live explosives ready to go off...
Lake County Safety Council Discussion of 12/09/2011 - Summary
December, 2011
Presented by: The panelists from the December 9th Lake County Safety Council
The panelists from the December 9th Lake County Safety Council meeting have graciously given their permission to share the information they provided during the planning stage prior to the meeting. This information has not been edited for common language, but remains in its basic form.
Confined Space Training
November, 2011
Presented by: Scott Cole, CSP; (440) 520-9499;
To understand and recognize a confined space, to understand the difference in a permit required confined space and a non-permit required confined space, to increase knowledge of hazards in confined spaces, to identify appropriate roles required when working within a confined space and to understand rescue procedures.
Infectious Diseases in Industry
September, 2011
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway MD MS MPH, Lake Health, Medical Director, Occupational Services, Ambulatory Centers and Employee Health
Highlight select common communicable diseases in the workplace. Describe the risk of contagion of those diseases and the route of spread. Consider methods to limit risk of transmission of those disease. From the September 16 meeting.
Beat the Heat Challenges of Controlling Heat Stress Injuries
July, 2011
Presented by: Erik A. Shamberger, CIH, CHMM, LEED AP Project Director Ohio Region Bureau Veritas North America
How the Body Deals with Heat, Heat Stress, Illnesses Costs of Heat Stress Incidents, and Prevention & Mitigation. From the July 17 meeting.
Preparing Your Organization
July, 2011
Presented by: Hugh Harrison, American Red Cross
Emergency Preparedness, Anatomy of a First Aid Kit and Automated External Defibrillator. From the July 22nd meeting.
Synthetic marijuana and the latest trends in substance abuse
June, 2011
Presented by: Nancy V Rodway, MD, MS, MPH, Medical Director Occupational Services and Employee Health Lake Health
Describe the origin of, review the manufacture, describe the human effects of these, legality and screening for abuse of novel substances.
The Job Hazard Analysis
March, 2011
Presented by: Dawn Johnston, Bob Siktberg
Process of studying and recording each step of a job, identifying existing or potential hazards, and determining the best way to perform the job to reduce or eliminate the hazards.
Incident Investigations
March, 2011
Presented by: Scott D. Cole, COSS, CSP, Corporate Safety and Quality Assurance Manager, The Albert M. Higley Company
Accident versus Incident - The how, why, when and who incident investigations to determine the reason failure(s) occurred.
Lake County Safety Council Discussion of 12/10/10 - Summary
January, 2011
Presented by: The panelists from the December 10th Lake County Safety Council
Lake County Safety Council meeting have graciously given their permission to share the information they provided during the planning stage prior to the meeting. This information has not been edited for common language, but remains in its basic form.
Prioritizing Your Safety Programs
January, 2011
Presented by: Vanessa Pellegrino, MS, Alphaport, Inc.
Using Statistics to Focus Your Safety Program - gathering, analyzing, prioritizing and presenting your Data. Data is the Star, but Trends are the Key. Prioritizing assists you with not being overwhelmed and streamlining resources.
Fire Extinguishers Make Great Holiday Gifts
November, 2010
Presented by: Professor Lee Silvi, Director, Fire Science Technology Program, Lakeland Community College
2010 Special OSHA Update "How Recent OSHA Directives May Impact You"
September, 2010
Presented by: Eric Peterson
US DOT Medical Cards
September, 2010
Presented by: Tpr. Frank Gharky, OSHP Commercial Motor Vehicle Trooper, OSP Warren DHQ
Lockout/Energy Control
September, 2010
Presented by: Andrew W. Johnson, CSP, Sotaris, LLP, 2000 Auburn Drive, Suite 200 Beachwood, Ohio 44122
Safety Basics
April, 2010
Presented by: Scott Cole, Lake County Dept. of Utilities and Bob Siktberg, Lincoln Electric
Lake County Safety Council Discussion of 12/11/09 - Summary
December, 2009
Presented by: The panelists from the December 11th Lake
Lake County Safety Council meeting have graciously given their permission to share the information they provided during the planning stage prior to the meeting. This information has not been edited for common language, but remains in its basic form.
Basic Evacuation Planning and Fire Extinguishers
October, 2009
Presented by: Professor Lee Silvi, Director Fire Science Technology and Emergency Management Programs, Lakeland Community College
Influenza - Is Your Company Prepared?
September, 2009
Presented by: LakeHealth System Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care
September, 2009
Presented by: Nancy V. Rodway MD MPH MS Medical Director, LakeHealth System Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care
Be Prepared for OSHA
June, 2009
Presented by: Patric E. McCon, CSP, CFPS, CHMM, Sr. Risk Engineering Consultant, Zurich Services Corporation
Be Red Cross Ready
March, 2009
Presented by: American Red Cross - Greater Cleveland Chapter
How to Get the Most Out of Your Industrial Commission Hearing
March, 2009
Presented by: Michael J. Bertsch
Workplace Violence Avoidance
March, 2009
Presented by: University of Findlay
Practical Tools for Simple Ergonomic Evaluations
March, 2009
Presented by: Scott C. Singer, MD, MPH
Fatigue and Accidents
March, 2009
Presented by: COSS
5 Cost Effective Programs for Any Business
March, 2009
Presented by: Shanna S. Dunbar, RN, COHN-S, CCM
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