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Heat Stress
June, 2023
Presented by: Christopher Lewis, CNP, Lake Health Physicians Group & Robin Sarian, Compliance Safety & Health Officer, OSHA Cleveland Area Office
Outdoor and Indoor Health-Related Hazards National Emphasis Program Reduce or eliminate worker exposures to heat-related hazards that result in illnesses, injuries, and deaths, by targeting industries and worksites, including worksites with radiant heat sources, where employees are exposed to heat-related hazards and have not been provided adequate protection that includes cool water, rest, cool areas, training, and acclimatization. To achieve swift abatement to prevent heat-related injuries and deaths.
Heat Related Illness: Prevention and Managment
June, 2023
Presented by: Christopher Lewis MSN APRN-FNP, Sports Medicine: Brunner Sanden Deitrick Wellness Center
Hyperthermia occurs when the body’s heat-regulating mechanisms don't work effectively. Older age, certain illnesses, and medications increase the risk of developing hyperthermia. The body maintains temperature homeostasis via four main mechanisms: (1) conduction (ex contact with hot or cold surface), (2) convection (ex a cool breeze or contact with water), (3) radiation (ex proximity to hot equipment), and (4) evaporation (ex sweating). When the body is unable to adequately regulate homeostasis using these methods, heat illness occurs.
Basic Machine Guarding - A Review
May, 2023
Presented by: Ana Cammarata, CSP, Safety Specialist, BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene
Machine guarding Statistics, Safeguards Basic Criteria, Hazardous Motions and Hazardous Actions, Type of guards, Devices, Hazard Recognition, Group scenarios
LCSC Safety Expo Presentation
Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
May, 2023
Presented by: Walter Vieweg, DO, DPM, MA
Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Drugs and Alcohol - Denial, Effect on Employers, Attendance, Impact, Your Role as a Supervisor
Fall Protection
March, 2023
Presented by: Barry Gullickson, Fall Protection Specialist, 3M Personal Safety Division
Fall protection information.
Distracted Driving #Itcanwait
February, 2023
Presented by: Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer William L. Head
Distracted driving means: Any and all activities keeping your mind off the roadway: - Texting or talking on the phone - Talking to passengers - Eating - Reading - Applying makeup - Being emotionally distraught - Blasting loud music
OSHA Record Keeping
January, 2023
Presented by: Scott Cole, CSP, SMS, CHST, Business Unit EHS Director, Turner Construction
Review of Record Keeping Forms, Defining an OSHA Record-able Event, and Incident Management
Emerging Safety Technology Virtual Design Construction (VDC) & Drone Safety Applications
December, 2022
Presented by: Scott Cole, CSP, SMS, CHST, Business Unit EHS Director, Turner Construction
Safety Technologies • Lone Worker Monitoring • Access Control • VR / AR / AI • BIM / VDC • Proximity Sensing • Geofencing • Work Zone Intrusion • Vital Sign Monitoring • Drones
Marijuana & The Workplace: Navigating A Challenging Landscape
November, 2022
Presented by: Michael J. Bertsch, Attorney, Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper
An overview of medical marijuana in the workplace.
Marijuana is Upon Us
November, 2022
Presented by: Dyann McDowell, President/Training & Business Development, Training Marbles, Inc.
• Update Marijuana Laws • What Employers can and cannot do • Understanding CBD usage and positive test • Identify the foundation of your Drug Free Workplace Program
Leadership As Safety Champions
October, 2022
Presented by: Dianne Grote Adams, MS, CIH, CSP, CPEA, FAIHA
Safety Champions: CEOs, Presidents, Managers and Supervisors. Discuss the qualities of a good leader. Explain the role of leaders in building/maintaining safety culture. Identify the current status of your ESH leadership abilities. Describe OSHA’s expectations of leadership

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