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Free Educational Seminar -
Thursday, October 3, 2019 –
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Topics -

  • Workplace violence: A personal perspective – This leadership-driven workplace violence presentation focuses on the five Ws that management and employees need to do to protect and prepare your company in the event of a workplace violence incident.
  • Successfully returning an injured employee to full-duty work after an injury – How does on-site therapy services effect workers' comp claims? Learn how to implement return-to-work programs with on-site therapy.
  • BWC updates – Learn about recent updates that rolled out for 2019.

Registration is easy! Simply send an email to and include the attendee name, your company name and BWC policy number. If you have questions, please contact Barb Lessman with CompManagement Health Systems at or call 216.214.6522.

Download this flyer for complete registration info (PDF Format)

2019 LCSC Expo Photo Gallery

The 2019 LCSC Luncheon was held on May 17, 2019 at Lakeland Community College in Mentor, Ohio. We had great attendance for this year's expo and everybody had an informative time at the expo and in the many classes available. Thank you for attending.

Photo from the expo are available online for viewing.

2019 LCSC Luncheon Photo Gallery

The 2019 LCSC Luncheon was held on April 12, 2019 at Villa Croatia in Eastlake, Ohio. We had great attendance for this luncheon and everybody had a great time. Thank you for attending.

Photo from the luncheon and award winners are available online for viewing.

OSHA considers revision of 1998 forklift standard, seeks input from industry experts

OSHA is seeking comment and information about possible deregulatory action involving general industry, construction, and maritime standards for forklifts and other powered industrial trucks.

The US safety body is seeking to address differences between its regulations and updates to the two industry consensus standards which were the basis of its original standard. The agency also wants to know whether it can maintain or improve worker safety while addressing elements of the regulations that may be inefficient, outdated, unnecessary, or overly burdensome.

Read the complete notice and more with this PDF flyer>.

Medical Marijuana and It's Impact on BWC

What does Ohio's medical marijuana law say? What is the impact of the new law on BWC? What can employers do? This pdf information sheet covers the BWC stance on medical marijuana and the workplace. It covers the general information and application of the new law. It also addresses how the law is applied to the workplace including what the BWC will and will not cover. A good read for a major change to the workplace.

Download this information sheet. (PDF Format)

Move Up To Better Health

Introducing a free health and wellness program for Ohio's small businesses

Promoting better health for employees is a key to success for any business. And Better You, Better Ohio! is helping to make it happen. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation has launched a free new health program along with ActiveHealth® Management. Employees will have access to these helpful resources: Quick and easy health assessment, Biometric screening, Digital lifestyle and condition coaching, and Mobile app.

Ready to make your small business even healthier? To learn more about this free program download the listed flyer.

Download this flyer for complete registration details. (PDF Format)

Slips, Trips and Falls For General Industry - Zurich 10-Point Program

How safe are your floors? How about your stairs? Have people fallen recently? You are not alone if you have had slips and falls.

Many factors contribute to slip, trip and fall incidents. The Zurich guide is designed to help you and your management teams become self-sufficient in better controlling these exposures. This workbook provides a logical process to identify areas at your location that have the greatest potential for slip, trip and fall occurrences. Then, it will show the user how to prioritize hazards and develop action plans to help control slip, trip and fall losses in those areas.

Download this guide for complete details and practices to prevent slips, trips and falls. (PDF Format)

Prospective Billing & Safety Seminar For Private Employers

BWC is switching to the industry standard of prospective billing for employer premiums. Have you wondered what it means for your business? Private employers: Come to a FREE seminar near you to get answers and details about prospective billing.

Download this flyer for complete details including times and locations. (PDF Format)

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